Is Fortnite Ruling Our Lives? | The Fortnite Pelage

So…What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is an extremely popular battle royal game. In the beginning of the game, you start off in a flying bus over a large terrain. Then, you drop out of this bus and skydive to where you want to land. When landed, you must find a weapon and try to stay alive. Each online round is made up of around 100 players playing live from all over the globe. The main goal is to eliminate a bunch of people and be the last person, duo, or team standing. If you’re the last one standing you will win the game and earn rewards. There are also challenges which you can complete to level up.

How Fortnite Is Taking Over Our Lives

It is was estimated in 2018 that 25 million people play Fortnite worldwide. Players spend about 50 hours playing Fortnite in a week! That’s two days out of seven used playing Fortnite! Kids are becoming less social and when they are, Almost all they talk about is Fortnite. Kids are beginning to play in school and have gotten expelled.

Although the game is free, it still offers v-bucks which is digital money that you can buy gear with. To get v-bucks you must buy them with real money.

The total average amount of money people spend on v-bucks every month is 1 million US dollars. A large majority of the players are kids. Kids easily become obsessed with this game because they want to level up and win. When they win, people will be amazed and think greatly of them. Also eliminating other players can bring pleasure to them. If their player is eliminated these kids can easily get enraged. This enragement leads to massive destruction from breaking up a controller to banging up a tv. “I was so close to winning!” they may think and begin to play again and again trying to win.

Oh, No! What’s The Cure?

Obsessive Compulsive Fortnite Disorder is easy to cure. All you have to do is set limits to how long you play. A healthy habit is to set a timer for 45 minutes each day no matter how much you lose or win. When the timer goes off, you go off too. To prevent throwing controllers and smashing a tv, take a little break from Fortnite when your frustrated and come back later…or just avoid Fortnite altogether!



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Caleb Torres

Caleb Torres